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YouMom Teens is a 3-year program that meets every Monday night during the school year.  ​Each teen/young mom is paired with a personal mentor who will help her set and achieve short-term and long-term goals.

In additional to her personal mentor, each mom receives the following FREE services every week during the program:

  • Demonstrating the love of Christ with grace, truth and accountability.
  • Providing each teen mother with a Christian Mentor.
  • Empowering teen mothers to become independent functioning members in their community.
  • Lifeskills Workshops based on Biblical principles including Parenting Skills, Monthly Budgeting, Job Skills, Goal Setting, Educational Guidance and many more.
  • Assisting with the cost of childcare or transportation to empower the teen mothers to complete their education, work, and participate in the program (when needed).
  • Breaking strongholds and generational cycles that will impact both the lives of the teen mothers, their children, and generations to come.


The YouMOM Teen Program has a 100% High School Graduate rate; with results of less than 3% repeat crisis pregnancies.