Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Teen pregnancy rates are on the decline, due in part to comprehensive programs that are educating teens on safe sex practices in the schools. Yet, there is an element that is missing which we believe could have the most profound impact on the reduction of teen pregnancy. We believe that by helping these young women understand that their worth is in Christ and that He has a plan for her life, she will understand the importance of waiting for His best.

We recognize that the most at-risk teens are in communities where their value and self-worth has not be established by the Kingdom, but instead by societal and cultural norms. We wish to challenge these thoughts by guiding young women toward the Truth; that they are precious and valuable to God, opening their eyes and hearts to the fact that they have been chosen and adopted into His family, not because of what they can do or offer but for no other reason than His love for each of His children. We desire to show them the way they should go so that they can walk in it confidently.

Our pregnancy prevention program couples practical education with spiritual development, allowing God to work in the hearts of teens and thus change their actions. Our strategy includes but is not limited to Abstinence Support, Bible Studies, Group Workshops, and Advocacy, and Individual Mentoring. It is our goal to help young women find their value and worth encapsulated in God’s plan for their life. When a woman understands her value and worth, she will find the power and the strength to wait for God’s best; which he outlines in His Word as the covenant of marriage.

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