As you look out beyond the pulpit, a sea of faces look back at you.  Among them is a teen girl who has found herself pregnant, struggling over the next steps to take. There is a wife, who just told her husband they are having another child the same year their youngest heads off to college. A young couple is celebrating their first pregnancy and the wife is terrified because she grew up in foster homes without any understanding of what a stable family life looks like.

Ministry leaders, these women need support.  They need those who are willing to walk through this journey with them, to guide and teach them in preparation for the days to come.

You can help make a change in our communities, impact the lives of these families, and establish a new legacy for generations to come.

CHURCH Champion

Who in your church is passionate about the work we do and is a take-charge person?  Ask them to pray about becoming a Champion between YouMom and your church.  They will keep your church family up-to-date with the happenings at YouMom.  Too, Church Champions can make announcements in your church with your Pastor’s approval.

We invite all Church Champions to come and sit in on one of our classes so they will have a clear understanding of this ministry.

Invite Us To Speak

We love to share YouMom with congregations, ministries, small groups – anyone who is willing to listen!

YouMom is a multi-faceted ministry; therefore, a lot is happening at YouMom.  It is a blessing and honor to share with others about the things we see God doing.  He is alive and active in the lives of those we serve at YouMom.

To schedule a visit, please contact us at 561-358-0812 or

Start a YouMom Group In Your Church

Choose to start a group for teen moms, expectant mothers, mommy & me classes, or any combination that best fits the needs of your community.

Financially Support a YouMom Group

We have churches who are actively serving the community needs in which they are located, but they can use additional financial support to help these mothers with additional education, supplies, and resources to ensure the success of the program and the families served. If your church would like to financially partner in the works of YouMom, you may choose to do so in the following ways:

  • Love Offering
  • Mission Budget (annual or monthly)
  • Participate in our fundraisers (see Event Page for more details)

Volunteer at Local YouMom Groups

In addition to financial support, our groups are blessed by men and women who are willing to volunteer their time and talents. Simple gestures like providing a meal ensure our mothers leave with a nourished body. They also need mentoring and assistance in setting up budgets, meal planning, navigating services, and parental advice. Volunteering is a wonderful way for your small groups, life groups, and women’s ministries to walk alongside these growing families in practical ways.

Host a YouMom Fundraiser Event

We have members of our team who are available to speak at your church, fundraising dinners, or women’s ministry brunches. These events are a wonderful avenue for not only taking up an offering for the YouMom Ministry but also inviting the church body to step into our volunteer team.

If you are interested in joining our ministry, please contact us today.