In addition to financial support, there are various ways you, your church, your ministry, or your company can support our mission through community volunteers.

We are in need of the following volunteers:

  • Prayer Warriors
  • Meal Preparation & Service
  • Childcare during Life Skills Meetings
  • Event Planning
  • Mentors
  • Life Skills Workshop Leaders
  • Ministry Advocates
  • Administrative Duties
  • Photography/Videographer
  • Event Volunteers
  • Fundraiser Specialists
  • Marketing Specialists

YouMom is appreciative of healthcare workers that volunteer to share their knowledge with our moms-to-be. If you are in this industry, and would like to lead a Life Skills Workshop or can provide materials/resources to YouMom, please contact your local group or the main office directly.

The Lord has gifted us all with various gifts and talents. If you feel called to volunteer with this ministry in a way not listed, please contact us today and we can discuss how you can get involved.